Web Development & Design Techniques

Today, internet has become a very important media in business world. According to a statistics, almost 70% of the the total business in the world is running over internet. A natural question arises that how does people running their millionaire business over internet? The answer lies with web site design and web site development, designing and search engine optimization. I’ll discuss Search engine Optimization in my next article. Lets discuss about Website Design and Development.

Web Site Development

Most of you must be familiar with web site design and web site development and must be thinking that is their any issue discussing about it. Yes. All of us who works on internet has now or later must have developed one site or at least seen one. There are many website development company who develops site for others. What do you notice when you look at a website. Its beauty, images, flashes etc. Most of us go well impressed by such sites when we look at it. But that is not enough for a site to be just marvelous. There are some thing we must keep in mind before we develop and design a web site.

Do not use too much images and flashes.

Images and Flashes are no doubt make your site more visible and attractive but those are not good for search engines. Hence avoid using images and flashes as much as you think its okay for your site unless you are going to have a strong outer promotion for your site, in absence of which your site traffic basically depends on search engines.

Good Content

Use good content in your site and relative to what you are selling. Users and spiders like those sites which provide useful contents for visitors. It will be an added advantage if you’ll keep updating your site’s content on some regular basis. But keep in mind that you don’t provide irrelevant content, i.e. something your are not dealing with. It can irritate your visitors.

Make a user friendly site

Users like a easy navigation on site. They don’t want to keep moving and moving all through the site and not getting for which they have visited your site. So, keep your site template simple and easy for novice users. Connect your pages through simple links. Don’t let user play hide and seek on your site.

Use ALT tags for images

Use alt tags for the images your are keeping on your site. It helps with the search engines. Since the spiders can’t see those image they read those ALT tags, so you may use your keywords in your ALT tags. But don’t over do it because some search engines may consider it as spam.

Title, and Meta Tags

Use descriptive titles but make it limited to 50-60 characters. Write a description of about two to three lines specifying details about the particular page. Do not stuff it with keywords. In keyword meta tag, write as much keywords as much you want. Generally most of the search engines do not read keyword meta tags including Google, but still some do go through them like Yahoo. Keep you keywords up to 250 characters. Make different title and meta tags for each page rather than copying the same for each page.